Good Day

My Current mission:


I Am currently helping a very close friend who lost his job and on the verge of losing his home and car. He is a very good Fitter and Turner and Friend.

How am I helping him.

I am helping him by doing the following. I have offered him to make use of my workshop on one condition that he is a sub-contractor for Claymore Equipment. He will do all our fitting and turning for Claymore Equipment. I have also teamed up with another “Helping Hand” so he can make use of their large boring mills Lathe machines etc. where he will be doing most of the fitting and turning.

Steel structures and other will be done at Claymore Equipment’s workshop.


In a year or two Either for him to join Claymore Equipment and do the same to help someone else to do what I have done to help him or I Will help him to establish his own company .

My 5 year goal is to have helped a total of 2-4 people to become business owners of their own company with a good client base. And help other in the honest way.

What Can Claymore Equipment offer you:

We are a small company based in Chamdor Krugersdorp. We would like to offer you our services in engineering and many more.

Please see our Gallery

To also see what else we can offer you go to:

Thank you for taking part in reading “My Good Deed”

We’re looking forward To do business with you. By Helping me we will be helping others.

God Bless.


Please forward to Friends that is also willing to help in Good Deeds


 Ettienne Lotriet.

Member of Claymore Equipment.